The February 11 Treasury bill auction raised LBP 753.508 billion ($499.839 million), compared to LBP 601.571 billion ($399.052 million), during the auction of the previous week.

The majority of subscriptions was concentrated in the two-year (81.23%) to maturity T-bonds, followed by the ten-year (14.65%) and six-month (4.12%) tenure Treasury securities.

Consequently, the weighted average yield on Lebanese Pound Treasury bills stood at 5.25% in the auction of February 11. The yields on the six-month, two-year and ten-year to maturity Treasury securities remained flat at 4.00%, 5.00% and 7.00% respectively.

The Lebanese government managed to raise about 753.508 billion LBP. (499.839 million USD) in the last Treasury bond auction that was held on February 11th, compared to about 601.571 billion LBP. ($ 399.052 million) in the previous week's auction.

The two-year Treasury bills accounted for the lion's share (81.23%) of the subscriptions, followed by the ten-year Treasury bills (14.65%) and the six-month category (4.12%).

In this context, the average yield (weighted average yield) of Treasury bills in Lebanese pounds was 5.25% in the February 11th auction. The yield on the six-month, two-year and ten-year Treasury bills remained stable at 4.00%, 5.00% and 7.00%, respectively.