Credit Libanais’ Economic Research Unit tracks the day-to-day performance of the Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE) through its market-cap weighted stock market indices, namely the Credit Libanais Aggregate Stock Index (CLASI), the Financial Sector Stock Index (CLFI), and Construction Sector Stock Index (CLCI).


To provide a more significant benchmarking tool, the CLFI was designed to specifically monitor the performance of listed banking stocks, and more particularly common shares and global depository receipts (GDRs) issued by Lebanese banks, whereas the CLCI was created to gauge the price evolution of real estate and construction stocks. The CLASI is a combination of both, reflecting the overall activity of the Beirut Bourse.

Beirut Bourse Benchmarks Closing 1.13.2021 Closing 1.12.2021 Change
CLASI 646.98 647.65


648.26 640.84
CLFI 422.41 423.53 -0.263% 425.62 422.41


973.19  0.001% 976.43 956.37